Blind Dome Rivets

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G304 (A2) is used for high quality general use and is a great choice for most situations

G316 (A4) is used for marine and kitchen appliances as it is more corrosion resistant

Dimensions & Grip range: See Photos

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3.2mm x 6.3mm (4-2), 3.2mm x 7.9mm (4-3), 3.2mm x 9.5mm (4-4), 3.2mm x 11.1mm (4-5), 3.2mm x 12.7mm (4-6), 3.2mm x 16.4mm (4-8), 4mm x 7.1mm (5-2), 4mm x 8.7mm (5-3), 4mm x 10.3mm (5-4), 4mm x 11.9mm (5-5), 4mm x 13.5mm (5-6), 4mm x 17.1mm (5-8), 4.8mm x 7.9mm (6-2), 4.8mm x 9.5mm (6-3), 4.8mm x 11mm (6-4), 4.8mm x 12.6mm (6-5), 4.8mm x 14.2mm (6-6), 4.8mm x 17.9mm (6-8), 4.8mm x 21.1mm (6-10), 4.8mm x 24.2mm (6-12)


Stainless G304 (A2), Stainless G316 (A4)

4 reviews for Blind Dome Rivets

  1. Rudy B. (verified owner)

    Exactly what was needed for the job at hand. Nut Bolt made the buying process easy and delivery was prompt. All good.

  2. Tony (verified owner)

    All good thanks

  3. Henry Ocher (verified owner)

    Honest seller and great service

  4. Timmy Gae (verified owner)

    great to have door to door delivery

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